PRECHERON Tire Company Profile
Strength, durability, dependability, and the DNA to keep working are words that evoke images of a team of powerful draft horses hauling heavy loads. It is through this idea of brawny horses that Percheron Tires was born. Percheron has developed a new breed of commercial “workhorse” tires ideal for fleets involved in long-haul and regional service,
looking for all-weather performance, lowering operating costs, and reducing work downtime. Percheron commercial tires are a solid choice for hauling products, transporting people, and performing heavy-duty jobs that rely heavily on long-lasting tires and improved fuel economy.
Percheron commercial tires are offered in three versions:
All-season van tires
All-terrain all-position truck tires
Truck & bus radial tires (TBR)
There are currently more than 20 available
tire sizes, with more coming soon...